Concurrent Session Descriptions

8:30 - 10:00

Leading Through Crisis
Dr. Keisha Panagos - Elementary Principal, Scott City R-I
Room:  62-64

Crisis will define us as leaders. We are currently transitioning to standards-based reporting and we are not letting this crisis derail our focus. We must be able to adapt and move forward or we will be left behind. During a crisis there are a few certainties.
1. There will be uncertainty.
2. It’s not going to be the same. 
3. Conditions will be different.
4. We must reflect, refine, and re-adjust. 
5. We must get out of our comfort zone.
6. Look forward to the new normal and the new and better you.
7. Embrace the new normal – if you fight it, you will be left behind.

During this presentation I will give tips on how to be intentional, keep your building on track, and lead your building through crisis.

Tech Integration in the Elementary Classroom

Jessica Stewart - Elementary Principal, Knob Noster School District
Room:  70-73

What does integrated technology look like in an elementary classroom?  During this session attendees will learn about how elementary teachers can enhance instruction by integrating technology with traditional resources to escalate the learning experience.

Building Self-Regulation in Learners: How DACL Strategies Align with PBIS and LIM Paradigms
Angela Rideout - Assistant Principal, Poplar Bluff R-I
Jessica Thurston - Principal, Poplar Bluff R-I
Jennifer Taylor - Elementary Principal, Poplar Bluff R-I
Room:  74-77

Dive into MMD and DACL as we provide you with strategies that have worked from grades K-6.  See how goal setting, data tracking, and reflection align with a positive school culture.  We will provide you with multiple practices to build self regulation-academics and behaviors, all while incorporating PBIS and Leader in Me beliefs.

The Chain: A Support Network for and from Elementary Principals
Dr. Shawn Riley - Elementary Principal, Rockwood R-VI
Room:  Nautical Wheeler

Ever had a horrible day, week, or year in your role as a principal and had nowhere to turn?  As a teacher, we had our teammates.  As principals, it may feel like we have no one. 

Why not?  Why don’t we have opportunities to share frustrations, empathize, and build off of one another?  Is it our pride?  Why should I hide my opportunities for growth in an effort to not be judged by my colleagues?   Do we honestly think that our colleagues don’t have the same struggles we do?  

That pride and that skepticism ends within the walls of this presentation.  We will discuss administrative stress, burnout, and ways to combat these devastating side effects of our positions. 

Welcome to a place where you can be yourself, share about your stressors, and build each other up personally and professionally.  Together, we will strengthen our links as we navigate this noble profession. 

Teaching on Empty

Dr. Shelly Worley - Elementary Principal, Branson Public Schools
Room:  Parasol II

It can be difficult for educators, who are deeply devoted to the education of their students and families, to prioritize self-care. But doing so is incredibly important and beneficial, both for educators and students, especially when it comes to supporting students affected by trauma. In this session we will seek to understand secondary trauma, learn useful strategies for self care, and discuss school wide approaches to support teaching and learning.

10:15 - 11:45

Failing Forward! How to be You in a Leadership Position
Dr. Jenna Sladek - Elementary Principal, Meramec Valley R-III
Room:  60-61

Failing Forward…  what else does a 1st year principal do when learning to lead during a global pandemic? There are a list of items that would be considered a success and many that would be considered a "lesson learned." When juggling curriculum, collaboration, decision-making, school culture and staff morale, it is easy to feel lost and defeated. Together,  I will vulnerably share my reflections on the past year and a half so we can relate, reflect and collaborate while recognizing why WE were placed in a leadership position to courageously make a difference for others around us! Join me!

Family-School-Community Engagement Model Designed for Connection, Strengthening and Collaboration: Virtual ParentCamp

Laura Gilchrist - Vice President, ParentCamp
Julia Pile - President, ParentCamp
Room:  62-64

We believe there is one thing that will transform education and that is -- our people -- our family, school and community -- together! COVID-19 has made clear the absolute necessity of connection and trust to the well-being and success of every person, young and old, and every system, including education. Does the traditional model of family engagement generate connection and trust into family-school-community ecosystems? Does it strengthen family systems and support collaboration, leading to family-school-community collective efficacy? In this interactive session, find out how and why the Virtual ParentCamp Model works and learn of benefits, outcomes and research. How hard is it? What training is available? How fast can we host one? Hear from parents, community members, authors, and educators, including NTOY20 Tabatha Rosproy, about their Virtual ParentCamp experiences. Hear from state, industry and federal agency partners about their perspectives as well. The time is finally here, right now, to transform education with joyful, meaningful and doable family-school-community engagement!

Going Beyond the Evaluation Process:  Learning Alongside and Coaching Teachers to Foster Reflection and Instructional Shifts that Impact Student Achievement
Dr. Crystal Magers - Elementary Principal, Springfield Public Schools
Room:  70-73

There are no high performing schools without an effective principal.  This year has been challenging for all educators, however monitoring student growth and implementing interventions to move students is more important now than ever as students face larger gaps due to loss of instructional time. How do you balance holding teachers accountable while also honoring the challenges and barriers they are facing?  In this session you will hear one principal’s journey to grow teachers and improve student achievement through leveraging professional learning, PLC’s, evaluation, coaching and consulting.

Decision-Making with Schoolwide Universal Screener Data - A Look at an Elementary and a Middle School Example
Dr. Holly Broadway - Elementary Principal, Fulton Public Schools
Beth Houf - Middle School Principal, Fulton Public Schools
Room:  74-77

Universal Screeners are a great tool for identifying students with social-emotional and behavioral concerns.  However, taking the information from the screener reports and putting it into action with meaningful interventions can be a bit overwhelming.  Holly Broadway, Principal of Bush Elementary, and Beth Houf, Principal of Fulton Middle School, share their journey of best using screener data to support students.

The Principal as a Hopester

Dr. J Anderson - Executive Director of Elementary Learning, Springfield Public Schools
Room:  Nautical Wheeler

Leaders are in a unique position to envision and bring about the promise of a better tomorrow.  This session will focus on how leaders can use hope to bring out the best in others, driving greater engagement, motivation, and relationships.

Moving From Me to We: Applying John Maxwell Principles to Improve Your Leadership Practice

Dr. Kyle Palmer - John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, and Executive Director of Human Resources, Center School District
Room:  Paradise Ballroom

Do you spend more time "working IN your work" or more time "working ON your work?" Take some time to work on you and raise your leadership lid. Come join John Maxwell Team certified speaker, trainer and coach Dr. Kyle Palmer to learn how to build your influence and add value to others, understand the different levels of leadership, and how to become a Level 5 Leader and move from "ME" to "WE"!

Be The One: An Educator's Guide to a Trauma Informed Approach
Dr. Shelly Worley - Elementary Principal, Branson Public Schools
Room:  Parasol II

The numbers are staggering and growing, and undoubtedly impact the educators in your school. Children who have undergone trauma, or who have experienced a high number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), are severely at risk for psychological, behavioral, and social-emotional problems. More often than not, these students are in and out of the principal and counselor’s offices, are challenging for their teachers, and often seen as the “bad” kids. As educators, we are critical pieces to the puzzle that can lead to recovery for students of trauma, and at the very least, educate our staff to be trauma sensitive and informed. What’s the answer for these students? It might be as simple as, “Be the one. ” This presentation will be a hands on learning and sharing time where participants will interact with the speaker through anecdotal sharing, research dissection, and professional collaboration. The goal of this presentation will be to share our story of how we have gone from a school that was being reactive with social and emotional learning/behavior management, to a school that has embraced being trauma responsive. We hope to instill hope and guidance to other schools and educators that may be facing similar challenges.

7:45 - 9:15

Student Loan Solutions and School Partnerships
Dennis Novak - Agent, Horace Mann Insurance Companies
Room:  60-61

Do you find yourself or your educators struggling to make student loan payments? We know that on average an educator enters the classroom with $37,000 in debt. Frequently, this challenge in finance drives new teachers to question the profession as they struggle to make student loan payments on a new teacher’s salary. This also makes school districts face a daunting challenge to retain quality teachers and build a strong veteran staff. Attend this session where Horace Mann has developed a presentation that outlines student loan forgiveness programs for qualifying educational employees. Over the past two years, Horace Mann agents have helped MO public school employees save over 13 Million in student loans. Administration, teachers and support staff may benefit from these different loan forgiveness programs.

Leadership...  When There is No Template

Aaron Barnett - Elementary Principal, Lee's Summit School District
Room:  62-64

What happens when you are leading during a time when there is no template?  You roll up your sleeves, and go back to the fundamentals of leadership... people! In this session, learn how COVID helped Aaron Barnett, Principal of Pleasant Lea Elementary, tighten his circle of focus, and improve as a leader through a pandemic.

Chase the Rainbow: Teaching vs Learning

Samantha Hamilton - Elementary Principal, Neosho R-V
Autumn Mosby - Teacher, Neosho R-V
Room:  70-73

A PD for you to take back to your teachers and staff! This PD is designed to dig in to the gradual release model beyond the "I do, we do, you do", to help teachers see the need to go a step further by "chasing the rainbow" of scaffolding and guided practice. It will help you to support your team through the process of understanding how the change over time model leads to student growth and success.  This is an eye opening experience for even the most seasoned staff, and you will leave ready to share!

Using Proficiency Scales to Provide a Clear Path for Learning

Ben Tilley - Branch Director, Solution Tree
Room:  74-77

During this interactive session, participants will learn about the use of proficiency scales to provide clarity for teachers and students as they navigate the path to proficiency. It is essential to understand what students are expected to learn and are able to do in order to be considered proficient in a content area. It is also necessary to understand the incremental steps that a student must take to get there.

Principals as Instructional Leaders

Dr. J Anderson - Executive Director of Elementary Learning, Springfield Public Schools
Room:  Nautical Wheeler

Second to the classroom teacher, building principals have a tremendous impact on student achievement.  This session will examine specific leadership practices that have the greatest impact of student learning and achievement.

Staff Appreciation and Motivation: Growing your Team Through the Hard Times!

Melinda Miller - Elementary Principal, Willard Public Schools
Room:  Paradise Ballroom

Leadership can be hard, even on the good days! How can you support and encourage your team when it just seems like your to do list is already overwhelmingly full? Learn with Melinda as she shares tips from the best selling book, Lead with Appreciation AND some new and engaging ideas to help YOUR staff feel empowered, motivated, and supported! Melinda will share the why, the what, and even help when in this fast-paced session!

You Cannot, Not Do Culture!

Jamie Lyon - Co-founder, I AM Noticed LLC
Amy Johnson - Co-founder, I AM Noticed  LLC
Room:  Parasol I

How did the culture you built in 2019 impact 2020? Join I AM Noticed co-founders Amy Johnson and Jaime Lyon as they celebrate how schools that invested in creating a proactive and positive culture were able to better navigate the challenges of the pandemic. As we finish this school year and look to 2021-22, we know that no matter what school looks like it is more important than ever to make culture a priority. This session will explore practical tools for helping your students, staff and families experience the learning environment in a more confident and resilient way.

The Pandemic Principal and His Principles
Chris Gabriel - Elementary Principal and Director of COVID Response, Liberty 53
Room:  Parasol II

For the first time in our careers, we have had to support teaching and learning during a global pandemic. From March 2020 moving forward into 2021 we have no doubt been required to think differently, plan differently, and lead differently.  Let me share the work in Liberty Public Schools through our Return to Learn Playbook and District planning as the Director of COVID Response for Liberty Public Schools.

9:30 - 11:00

The Skills That Matter: Developing Social-Emotional Competencies in Students
Madonna Pund - Improvement Consultant, Heart of Missouri RPDC
Room:  60-61

The need to support our students in developing self-efficacy, self-regulation, and assertiveness is greater than ever as many have experienced the trauma and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. The Missouri Social-Emotional Learning for All project is made possible through a partnership between DESE and the University of Kansas. The project aims to support teachers in developing social-emotional competencies such as self-efficacy, self-regulation, and assertiveness in their students. The project offers districts free professional development in embedding intra-personal and interpersonal competencies. This session will provide an overview of how to teach each of the competencies as well as how districts can become involved in the professional development series.

Google Goodies Galore for Leaders

Brenda Spurgeon, MS Ed. ED S - Consultant, Spurgeon Consulting
Room:  62-64

The power of the Google Workspace continues to evolve in today's rapidly changing education world.  Join this fast-paced session to discover Google tips to help improve productivity, collaborate with faculty, analyze data, enhance instruction and so much more! The goodies showcased in this session can be utilized by all leaders and educators.

Shaping Noncognitive Skills: What We Can Do Now to Grow These Traits in Our Students.
Dr. Joshua Teeter - Middle School Principal, Poplar Bluff R-I
Room:  70-73

Noncognitive skills cover a variety of behavioral traits such as resilience, mindset types, metacognition, grit, self-regulation and motivation. These skills have been proven to increase success in and beyond the classroom. How can schools shape these behavioral traits in students and what interventions can we use to promote these behaviors? Join Dr. Josh Teeter in discussions on how promoting, improving, and measuring noncognitive academic behaviors can lead to improved academic outcomes in your school.

The Power of Literacy Teams
Dr. Heather Beaulieu - Elementary Principal, Jefferson City Public Schools
Hilary Brondel - Instructional Coach, Jefferson City Public Schools
Room:  74-77

Join an elementary administrator and instructional coach as they share their process for creating school literacy teams.  Not only can the literacy teams analyze assessment data in order to best meet students' literacy needs, they can also provide an opportunity for job embedded professional development.  The team will share their professional development focus, process for gathering and analyzing data, and next steps in literacy instruction developed from the work within the literacy teams.

Section 504 - Your Top Questions Answered

Betsey A. Helfrich, Esq. - Attorney, Mickes O'Toole LLC
Room:  Nautical Wheeler

Join Betsey Helfrich, a special education attorney, to review Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and what is required for your building.  For the beginner or experienced pro, this fast-paced session will answer all of your top questions regarding Section 504.

Appreciation Matters
Beth Houf - Middle School Principal, Fulton Public Schools
Room:  Paradise Ballroom

In our current times, appreciation is needed more than ever.  In this session, Beth will share multiple strategies and resources that she has used in her school to build rapport with students, staff, and parents.  Participants will leave with a buffet of ideas and resources ready-made to use the next day!

Transforming Communication from Being Bug Crazy Mad to Caterpillar Calm
Jill Dennison - Elementary Principal, Springfield Public Schools
Sarah Cooper - Assistant Principal, Springfield Public Schools
Room:  Parasol I

Is it possible for the dream of having all the information needed in one place a reality? Yes it is! During this session, you will be introduced to Trello, a one stop shop communication tool to organize your life and the life of your staff members. Tracking interventions for students, archiving weekly communications, accessing the focus of learning for each classroom with one click, and all the need to know miscellaneous information needed to run a school all in one searchable place! What can be better than that? It's free and permissionable to protect student information! Join us to see how we have transformed communication to be effective and efficient with our school team.

Beginning your Visible Learning Journey

Chris Gabriel - Elementary Principal, Liberty Public Schools
Room:  Parasol II

John Hattie's work around educational reform has opened many new pathways for schools around the world and at Lillian Schumacher Elementary we are on the journey to become a Visible Learning School.  Let us take you through our implementation journey, where we are now, and where we plan to go next.  See how we have integrated existing Professional Learning Community and Data Team Structures with Visible Learning Practices in our efforts to support ALL learners.

12:45 - 2:00

From Surviving to Thriving as a School Leader
Beth Houf - Middle School Principal, Fulton Public Schools
Room:  Paradise Ballroom

In a field of serving others, how often do we take time to take care of ourselves? Join Beth as she shares productivity and wellness practices to help us not only survive, but to thrive as school leaders.

2:15 - 3:45

Breathe: Building Resilience through Mindfulness and Awareness
Addie Gaines - Retired Principal; Editor, The Missouri Elementary Principal Magazine; Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)
Room:  60-61

School personnel are under more stress than ever. Learn how mindfulness and awareness practices can support you and your staff to process stress, improve physical and mental health, and build resilience.

Unleash Your Talent!
Kara Welty - Elementary Principal, Wentzville R-IV
Room:  62-64

In this session, you will dive into the key points and learning from my book, Unleash Talent: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself & the Learners You Serve. Our learning together will be divided into 4 major parts with breaks as well.

In Part 1, you will learn why talent matters. You will learn how multidimensional you are, and we will redefine what talent looks like for you.

In Part 2, you will discover the talents of yourself and those around you. You will find and name your 3 types of talents, which I call T3: Passions, skills, and personality traits.

In Part 3, we will discuss how to create environments where talent thrives. We will be honest about our barriers and our part in creating a thriving school culture.

Lastly, in Part 4, we will do a deep dive into the impact of unleashing talent to your students and school community. I will share innovative ways to bring passion in talent to your classroom and school setting tomorrow! Within our learning,

I have embedded countless activities, discussions, thoughtful reflections, and strategies to implement to make this work for you! You will also receive a free Digital Unleash Your Talent Workbook that hosts activities you will complete during our session. Please ensure you have a digital device during this session to interact in a myriad of ways with attendees.

Leadership Transition (Amid a Pandemic)

Jared Tharp - Elementary Principal, Gasconade Co. R-II
Jennifer Lindemeyer - Teacher, Gasconade Co. R-II
Randee Schatz-Morris - Teacher, Gasconade Co. R-II
Jess Toelke - Teacher, Gasconade Co. R-II
Room:  70-73

Join Jared Tharp (Principal of Gerald Elementary School in Gerald, MO) and his team of teachers from GES as they discuss leadership transition, leadership expectations, navigating COVID19 related changes, and more.

Intentional Play: Integrating Sensory Instruction in Early Childhood Classrooms (PK-2)
Dr. Jennifer Vandeven - Elementary Principal, Chaffee School District
Jennifer Barnes - Occupational Therapist, Beginning Concepts
Angie Barger - Teacher, Chaffee School District
Jessica Swinford - Teacher, Chaffee School District
Kimberlie Nothdurft - Process Coordinator, Chaffee School District
Room:  74-77

Are your entering PK and K students flipping tables, screaming, and uncooperative?  Try play!  Our district has incorporated play-based learning, along with sensory integration instruction from our Occupational Therapist to produce classrooms that are calmer, productive, and more focused.  Come hear about our transition to sensory friendly classrooms and how you might start engaging your faculty and staff to make this transition.  Our discipline referrals, special education referrals, and retention rates have decreased, and student engagement has increased.  We will have faculty members on hand to answer questions about their transition to this type of instruction, and how you can help your staff make this transition too.

Crucial Steps for Navigating Virtual Education
Emily Omohundro - Attorney, EdCounsel, LLC
Rachel Meystedt - Attorney, EdCounsel, LLC
Room:  Nautical Wheeler

This session will focus on key aspects of a successful virtual education program, including how to review and process virtual education requests, including from parents of students with disabilities; how to ensure adequate data is kept to monitor student progress; how to handle attendance and engagement concerns; and the procedure to follow when it’s clear virtual education is not meeting students’ educational needs. This session will also outline virtual education bills currently being considered in Missouri.

Practical Educational Equity

Dr. Howard E. Fields III - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Kirkwood Public Schools
Room:  Paradise Ballroom

Although the term "equity" is often used as a theoretical belief among educators, an important question continues to persist; how do we achieve practical educational equity?  In this session Dr. Howard E. Fields III, Missouri's 2020 National Distinguished Principal, will discuss how he implemented practical educational equity solutions as a principal, at the district level, and more recently, at the state level.  Attendees can expect Dr. Fields to address topics such as equitable instructional leadership, equitable decision making, and building capacity amongst others to advance equitable solutions for students, staff, and community.

Principals Cannot Do It All! Ensuring Continued Individual and School Community Growth Through Peer Coaching and School Based Implementation Coaching
Wayne Dierker - Elementary Principal, Lonedell R-XIV
Room:  Parasol I

Principals cannot do it all!  We need to build up our teachers and staff to support each other in that growth process so we can do our best work for students each day.  Through this presentation you will learn how Lonedell R-XIV built a system-wide Peer Coaching and School Based Implementation Coaching Model within the school community.  This has helped teachers have individual growth while imbedding collective teacher efficacy and schoolwide community development.  This presentation will engage you in Lonedell's journey, where we are in the process, and will allow you to receive support on how this could look in your own school and district!

From Gratitude to Greatness: Four Life-Changing Leadership Skills
Dr. Hayet Woods - Elementary Principal, West Platte Co. R-II
Room:  Parasol II

Growing up, Gratitude was something many of us were taught we should feel, but often took for granted. Now research proves that feelings of gratitude are the key to living a happy, healthy and successful life.  In this powerful presentation, you’ll hear how Harvard studies have validated what award-winning author and trainer MK Mueller has been teaching for decades.

You’ll learn: 
- How a one-minute ritual of sharing gratitudes enhances our health, wealth, and happiness;
- How feeling good is a choice, rather than a response;  
- How to open and close meetings on a positive note;
- How the “luckiest” among us use simple positive attitude formula - FGH.


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