Missouri’s Introduction to an Alternative Path to Re-certification:

With full implementation of the Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS), we are now turning our attention to an alternate path for that career administrator certificate.

Currently, your four-year initial certificate can be granted with the completion of an approved master's degree. At the end of four years one can apply for a transition certificate that will last for an additional six years. By the end of ten years you must have earned an educational specialist degree or doctorate to receive the career certificate, or you will no longer be able to hold the job of principal.

Designed to align with the Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS) MAESP, MoASSP and the Office of Educator Quality at DESE are partnering with the Education Leaders Network (ELN) to develop 15 micro-credentials (MCs). These MCs are 15 individual assessments covering the major components of the research based MLDS. These MCs are designed to offer a rigorous, yet viable alternative to obtaining an educational specialist degree and provide interested principals a different path to the career certificate. We are early in the process of development and have six of the fifteen written. Four are currently available to be piloted by principals in Missouri. We hope each MC will be piloted by 8-10 principals and then reviewed for appropriate rigor and clarity.  Read More

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The Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals in an affiliate of NAESP.

Welcome to MAESP!

The Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP) is a statewide organization in Missouri that exists to serve the needs of elementary and middle school principals, assistant principals and those educators interested in becoming elementary or middle level principals. MAESP is an affiliate of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP).

The MAESP network has grown to include over 1,100 school administrators from across Missouri. 
MAESP works hard to understand the issues facing elementary and middle school principals and represent the interests of association members.

Member Benefits:

Legal Benefits
MAESP offers up to $500 of job protection legal support for each member. ($200 beginning with your second year of membership and adding $100 more each year of consecutive membership to a maximum of $500). Members will be provided legal advice and information with regard to contract difficulties, state laws and related educational issues. Those members also joining NAESP can accrue up to $10,000 of legal benefit services.

Professional Development
MAESP offers a variety of professional development opportunities for principals, assistant principals and teaching staff each year. The annual MAESP Leadership Conference is the premier professional development event for elementary and middle level principals in Missouri. Other trainings specifically designed for Aspiring Principals, Early Career Principals, and  Assistant Principals are also available.

Networking Opportunities
MAESP offers an incredible network of principals and assistant principals across Missouri to support and advance your career.

Legislative Voice
MAESP is a member of the School Administrators Coalition (SAC) that includes MASA, MASSP, MARE, MO-CASE, MOASBO, and others and provides a robust voice on education issues in the Missouri General Assembly. MAESP advocates for legislation that supports and strengthens the role of the elementary and middle level principal as well as other issues important to education in Missouri.

Your MAESP Membership includes a subscription to The Missouri Elementary Principal magazine and an annual membership directory of elementary and middle level members.

MAESP members receive discounted registration fees for all MAESP professional development workshops and the annual Leadership Conference.

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