Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals Statement on State Board of Education

A special meeting of the Missouri State Board of Education has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 21. It is widely believed that several of the recently appointed State Board of Education members will move to terminate the Commissioner of Education, Dr. Margie Vandeven.

For many years, Missouri has enjoyed a non-partisan Commissioner of Education. Indeed, the Commissioner of Education is not elected or appointed by a sitting governor. Instead, the Commissioner is hired by an independent bipartisan Board of Directors, comprised of 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans. Each member is selected from one of the eight congressional districts in Missouri with overlapping terms. This process has provided stability for the position and insulated Missouri’s almost 900,000 students from the shifting agendas of politicians.

However, recent events surrounding the appointments of new members to the State Board of Education has many educators concerned about the trajectory of public education in Missouri. The timing of the request to remove Commissioner Vandeven appears to be more politically motivated than performance initiated.

Dr. Vandeven has worked hard during her tenure as the Commissioner of Education. She has united educators and been collaborative in her approach to improving public education. It appears the leadership of public education in Missouri is now being politicized by these latest developments in ways that work against the very processes put in place to insulate education from political agendas that may not serve the best interests of children. The independence of the State Board of Education should be preserved and any attempt to politicize it should be avoided.

Several media outlets have been reporting on these events and are included for your information:


MAESP encourages those wishing to express a view to contact the State Board member from your area or send comments by email to sbe@dese.mo.gov and request comments be distributed to all State Board of Education members.

The Missouri State Board of Education members are:

Charlie Shields – President
Vic Lenz – Vice President
Michael Jones
*Claudia Greim
*Eddy Justice
*Doug Russell
*Tim Sumners
*Marvin “Sonny” Jungmeyer

*Newly appointed State Board members

In addition, because the Missouri Senate has the responsibility for confirming appointees to the State Board of Education, emails to your Missouri Senator expressing your view of the current situation would also be worthy of your consideration.

MAESP calls on all principals to be engaged in the conversation.

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