Membership Renewal Guide

Current MAESP members may renew their MAESP and/or NAESP membership through their MAESP online profile. 

To log in to your profile:
1.  Tap the Log in button at the top right of your screen.
2.  Enter the email address associated with your MAESP membership and your password.  Tap Log in.
Don’t remember your password?  Tap here.
3.  Tap your name at the top right of the screen to access your member profile.
Don’t want to keep signing in?  Check “Remember me” to save your password.

To Renew Your MAESP Membership:
1.  Verify the correct Membership Level is selected. 
 To change your membership level for the new year, tap “change” and select your desired membership level.  Tap “Next”.

2.  Scroll through your contact information and make any necessary updates.

3.  To include your Local Regional Membership Dues with your MAESP membership, select the appropriate region towards the bottom of the Renewal Form.

4.  To include registration for the 202 Leadership Conference with your MAESP membership, select the check box at the bottom of the Renewal Form.

5.  Once you have updated your contact information, tap “Update and next” on the bottom left of the screen.

Payment for your MAESP Membership
Payment for your membership is due within 30 days of your renewal.  Online payment at the time of renewal is preferred.  Checks are also accepted.

To Pay by Credit Card:  Tap “Pay online”, enter your credit card information and Tap “Pay”.  A receipt will be sent to your email.

To Pay by Check:  Tap “Invoice me”.  An invoice/bill will be sent to your email.  If your school district utilizes purchase orders, simply print and attach the invoice/bill to your school district purchase order and send to the person responsible for making payment.  MAESP does not need your school district purchase order.

For Questions or more help, please contact the MAESP office at or 573-638-2460.

Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals
3550 Amazonas Drive
Jefferson City, MO  65109

Phone: 573-638-2460
Fax:  573-556-6270

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