Motivating and Advocating for Elementary School Principals

MISSION: MAESP will assist in the development of effective elementary school principals by providing creative resources and high quality opportunities for leadership, learning and networking.

VISION 2021 FOR THE PROFESSION (Adopted from NAESP Vision 2021):

Principals have the vision, courage, wisdom and professional knowledge to lead learning communities that create opportunities for all children to achieve their highest potential. Principals ensure that all children have a meaningful foundation for learning. We empower children to become global citizens who can learn and work together.

Principals are recognized as advocates for learning in a society that depends on knowledge, character and talent. We accept that responsibility and utilize leadership to facilitate change. Principals are trusted to speak passionately for schools and effective systems of learning that serves all children.

Principals promote excellence in a profession that values collaboration and diversity. We seek knowledge and share best practices through a network of colleagues. Principals mentor each other and celebrate accomplishments together. We inspire other leaders to follow in a career rich in its contributions to all children and society.

GOALS (Aligned to NAESP Vision 2021)

MAESP will:

a) continue to pursue acquiring creative resources for revenue to retire the building debt.

b) will continue to be fiscally responsible to the membership by cutting costs through the budget process; example – changes made to the state conference,  national conference, state leaders conference attendance, and by cutting mileage for the fall meetings.

c) collaborate with districts to increase membership, expand services and advance the profession.

d) will provide additional assistance and mentoring for aspiring and beginning principals.

e) will utilize national and international alliances to advance learning for principals and students.

f) will lead in promoting excellence in the principalship by working with MAESP districts to educate and train members to be effective advocates for principals. MAESP will recognize the successes of principals through specific programs as Exemplary New Principals, Outstanding Assistant Principals, also state and national level Distinguished Principal Awards.

g) will maximize new technology infrastructures to drive organizational performance and member services

h) will maintain a dynamic web site that facilitates communication and collaboration among members.

i) will work with legislative representatives, lobbyists and other related education agencies to develop model legislation to enhance the principal’s authority, autonomy, and responsibility to lead schools.

j) will provide high quality professional development for practicing and aspiring principals. 

The purpose of MAESP is to mentor 
and advocate for elementary school principals.


Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals
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Jefferson City, MO  65109

Phone: 573-638-2460
Fax:  573-556-6270

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