Each of the eleven MAESP Regional Networks may nominate a MAESP member assistant principal.

Criteria established by MAESP require the individual to be a full-time assistant principal supporting one or more learning communities. The assistant principal must demonstrate evidence of outstanding support and contributions to the school community and the potential to contribute to the education profession as a school principal. The assistant principal must:

Be a member of MAESP at the time of  nomination and plan to maintain membership in MAESP during his time as a school leader,

Be clearly committed to supporting excellence in the school community,

Be involved in helping to develop programs designed to meet the needs of all students; and

Be developing firm ties to parents, staff  and the overall community.

These Outstanding Assistant Principals are recognized each year at the annual MAESP Leadership Conference.

Congratulations to the 2024 Outstanding Assistant Principals!

Becki Kempf
Versailles Elementary
Morgan Co. R-II
Central Region

Sarah McQuinn
Prairie Point Elementary
Park Hill
Clay-Platte Region

Melissa Dunnegan
Vineland Elementary
Desoto 73
Jefferson County Region

Ashley Andrews
Mason Elementary
Lee's Summit R-VII
Kansas City Suburban Region

Samantha Adams
West Boulevard Elementary
Columbia 93
Northeast Region

Jacob Kretzer
Hosea Elementary
St. Joseph
Northwest Region

Jen Heflin
Beaufort Elementary
Union R-XI
South Central Region

Roanne Dean
Jefferson Elementary
Cape Girardeau 63
Southeast Region

Kristy Richart
Ozark North Elementary
Ozark R-VI
Southwest Region

Lauren Hassell
Jeffries Elementary
Springfield R-XII
Springfield Region

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