Concurrent Sessions

Sunday 8:00 - 9:15

Embrace the Grind
Aaron Barnett – Elementary Principal, Lee’s Summit R-VII
Make a detailed plan and hold yourself to it to ensure the longevity necessary in the field of education. A lighthearted approach, with applicable examples that you can put to work for yourself and others that depend on your leadership each day.

Redefining Instruction Through Data-Driven Results
Casey Echelmeier – Assistant Principal, Mexico Public Schools
Dr. Anne Billington – Elementary Principal, Mexico Public Schools

Attendees  will work with building administrators as they share how the data team process, combined with feedback from Marzano’s High Reliability Schools Survey, transformed their buildings’ approach to instruction. Strategies and resources will be discussed and shared empowering all attendees in developing data teaming with embedded professional development and using collegial collaborative discussions to make systemic building changes.  Presenters will also discuss how  embedded instructional rounds were incorporated in response to teacher requests and needs.  Presenters will share how these practices provided the support needed to increase student achievement from a Fall 27% Tier 1 student AIMSweb measurement, to an 81% Tier 1 student measurement during Spring benchmark testing.

Faculty Families
Dr. Megan Sutton – Elementary Principal, Wentzville R-IV
Learn how to shake up your faculty meetings with intentional activities that are not only fun but will also bring your staff closer together. Whether you are a paraprofessional, classroom teacher, counselor, PE teacher or instructional assistant, your voice is vital to the success of all students. Learn how to create an environment where all staff voices are heard, respected and where collaboration reigns supreme!

Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do - Let's Do it Together
Samantha Hamilton – Elementary Principal, Neosho R-V
People are fragile but stakes and demands are higher than ever! Teachers and staff have so many professional requirements and new learning at work but also have many personal issues to balance as well. The way things have quickly changed in our profession and society overall has created a need to understand our people at a deeper level. The role of the school administrator has changed and in this session we will work through strategies, tips and tricks for administrators to use to avoid learning slumps and teacher turnover.

Culture Builders - Specifically Designed Activities that Can Help Develop Your School's Culture
Jared Tharp – Elementary Principal, Gasconade County R- II
Jena Hunt – Teacher, Gasconade County R- II
Jennifer Lindemeyer – Counselor, Gasconade County R- II
Stephanie Royle – Teacher, Gasconade County R- II

At Gerald Elementary School, we recognize that culture can be developed in a variety of ways. Join Gerald Elementary Principal, Jared Tharp, and his team from Gerald Elementary in an interactive session that will allow participants an opportunity to participate in short activities which can be integrated into more thoughtful individual conversations, more productive team meetings, richer professional development days and more. These activities have served many roles at GES, from simple ice-breakers to CSIP planning discussions. From this session, you will walk away with several ideas that can be immediately implemented and help build a stronger, more positive school culture.

Developing a Local Engaging and Involved Legislative Advocacy Committee
Sarah Riss – Director of Missouri Superintendents Academy, MASA
Participants will learn how to develop an engaging and involved local legislative advocacy committee.  Sample agendas, membership selection, committee activities, committee norms, and processes for discussing legislation with the committee will be shared.  In addition, tips for connecting with and involving the legislators representing your community will be highlighted.  The goal is for participants to walk away armed with the tools needed to establish their own local legislative advocacy committee.

School Leadership and Teacher Retention
Michelle McDaniel, MA, Ed.S – Elementary Principal, Hickman Mills C-1
Joseph Willis, MA, Ed. S – Assistant Superintendent, Dunkin R-V
Shantay Wakefield, MA, Ed. S – Director of Special Education, Webster Groves/Special School District of St. Louis County

Teacher attrition has an adverse effect on the educational system. School leaders are the first responders in identifying the signs that lead to attritions and they are responsible for generating solutions to retain teachers in the profession. This informational and inspiring presentation will emphasize the importance of building leadership for improving retention and share research and practical tips and tools needed to retain teachers.

Be Their Hero: Trauma-Informed Care
Josh Varner – Professional Speaker and Mental Health Professional, Fulton Public Schools
Two out of every three students in the USA are impacted by a traumatic event. When people experience trauma, it is normal and natural to have a hard time coping after the event.

During this session:
1. Learn how many students are impacted by childhood trauma and how to identify them.
2. Learn how the brain and body respond to trauma and how that impacts student behavior.
3. Leave with a "Call to Action" and be equipped with specific tools that are easy to use to support students.

Know Your Impact
Dr. J Anderson – Executive Director of Elementary Learning, Springfield Public Schools
Second to the classroom teacher, building principals have the greatest impact on student learning and achievement.  This session will examine specific leadership skills, behaviors and practices that drive leadership impact on people, instruction, systems, and outcomes.

Sunday 9:30 - 10:30

Teaching the Teachers
Dr. Beth Whitaker – Professor, Univeristy of Missouri – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Dr. Todd Whitaker - Professor, Univeristy of Missouri – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
How are you growing your teachers every day? Do your teachers look forward to faculty meetings in your school? Are you making the most of professional development opportunities in your school? If you would like to prioritize helping your teachers grow, this session is for you. Attendees will be provided concrete ideas and methods to create meaningful and effective opportunities for faculty growth. This session will:

1.  Explore how and why teachers want to improve.
2.  Provide ideas and concepts to elevate professional development in schools.
3.  Provide participants concrete methods to add professional development to faculty meetings.

One of the most important roles for a school leader is to help their teachers learn and grow. Come join this active and enlightening session with your leadership colleagues!

Sunday 10:45 - 12:00

Chaos to Calm
Christina West – Elementary Principal, Mt. Vernon R-V
With added concerns from learning loss to school safety, districts are facing daily stressors for teachers and administrators. Providing a solution for administrators to create a calm environment during a period of chaos, such as dismissal, (carline, bus, after-school, reunification) will make a difference. Learn actionable ways your district can provide solutions and tools for teachers and administrators with strategies that help reduce their daily stress and increase accountability.

Together We Can Do So Much! How Principals and Assistants Partner to Maximize Time and Strengths
Karen Capen – Assistant Principal, Ozark R-VI
Dr. Anna Thurman – Elementary Principal, Ozark R-VI

This session will discuss the ways we've learned how to work together to maximize our roles as principal and assistant principal. We will discuss tools we've used such as a 'principal dashboard' to plan for each week, communication tips, how to identify and work with one another's strengths, and much more. We will also discuss what the mentorship role looks like for principals with assistants.  You will leave with some great ideas on how to efficiently and effectively work together for the betterment of your school.

Dr. Amy Casey – Elementary Principal, North Kansas City 74
Nourishment for your educator heart, body, mind and spirit!  It's all about educator health and wellness!

Big Change = Big Opportunity:  How to Act Now to Take Advantage of the Recent Changes to Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Robert Curtis – Territory Leader, Horace Mann
During this session, you’ll learn how we can help you and your staff take advantage of recently announced limited-time changes to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.  Now through Oct. 31, 2022 any prior student loan payments made while working full time for a qualifying employer will count as a qualifying PSLF payment, regardless of loan type, repayment plan, or whether the payment was made in full or on time.  Find out how you and your staff can qualify, plus how to implement a program to improve recruitment and retention.

4 Essential Roles of Leaders
Lance Wheeler – Client Partner, Franklin Covey
Leaders struggle in the daily whirlwind of chaos now more than ever! How can administrators refocus on their most important goals by reflecting on their own practices? Come learn the keys to leading your schools and districts instead of managing daily tasks!

Responding to the Social Emotional Crisis
Dr. Jenni Hayes – Elementary Principal, Lafayette County C-1
Sarah Kirby-Russell – Counselor, Lafayette County C-1

At Grandview Elementary we have begged, borrowed, and stolen a wealth of ideas and made them our own with an evolving level of success. We will share our story of how we have developed our response to be proactive with students in crisis.

It Takes a Village: Leveraging Local Nonprofit Organizations as Mentors for Your Students
Elizabeth Pawloski – National Director, Tutoring Partnerships and Expansion, The Oasis Institute
Christine Harper – Director of Communications, Mexico 59
Dr. CJ Huff – Founder, Bright Futures USA

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of school districts utilizing their local community resources to provide students the additional social, emotional, and academic support they needed to thrive. Learn how two Missouri-based non-profit organizations, Bright Futures USA and the Oasis Institute, successfully partnered with Mexico Public Schools to offer their students a connection to a caring adult through their Lunch Buddy and literacy tutoring programs. Attendees will gain valuable insight into how local non-profit organizations can nurture mentoring relationships, improving student’s self-confidence and educational success. Expand your students’ VILLAGE by making community involvement a priority for your school!

Managing the Unimaginable: How to Deal with Increased Stress in Schools
Josh Varner – Professional Speaker and Mental Health Professional, Fulton Public Schools
During this session participants will learn:
1. How stress gets stored in the body.
2. Evidence-Based practices that complete the stress cycle.
3. How to make an individualized self-care plan that meets the needs of each person.

From Burnout to Brightness! Learning how to Lead like YOU!
Beth Houf – Middle School Principal, Fulton 58
The past two years of leadership have been challenging to say the least. This session will give you a chance to refresh, renew and recharge in an energetic and fun atmosphere. Join Past Missouri National Distinguished Principal and 2021-2022 NASSP Principal of the Year, Beth Houf, as she shares strategies to:

•  Reconnect with your leadership passion.
•  Make time for what really matters in schools.
•  Make leadership wellness a priority.
•  Have a little fun!

Beginning your Visible Learning Journey
Chris Gabriel – Elementary Principal, Liberty 53
John Hattie's work around educational reform has opened many new pathways for schools around the world. At Lillian Schumacher Elementary we are on the journey to become a Visible Learning School. Let us take you through our implementation journey, where we are now, and where we plan to go next. See how we have integrated existing Professional Learning Community and Data Team Structures with Visible Learning Practices in our efforts to support ALL learners.

Monday 8:00 - 9:15

Improving MAP Scores in a Time of Quarantine
Dr. Herman Blau – Elementary Principal, Salem R-80
In this fast paced workshop, we will explore ways to improve student test scores besides "teach better". Using the KAM=P score to help focus our efforts, participants will come away from this workshop with specific suggestions to help students do better on the MAP test, especially if they have missed school due to COVID-19. This information is easy to share with teachers and will make an immediate difference in student achievement.

Must-Know Forms and Sheets Tips and Tricks
Brenda Spurgeon, MS Ed. ED S – Consultant, Spurgeon Consulting
Whether you regularly use Google Forms and Google Sheets or are simply a novice, you are guaranteed to take-away valuable resources for your daily routine.  Learn tips, tricks, ideas, and templates for using these tools to collect data, increase productivity, and promote collaboration. These tools are two of the most time-saving Google tools every leader, educator, and administrative assistant should effectively apply.

Developing a Road Map to Accelerate Learning
Shauna Stephanchick – Founder, STEP Up Consulting
Sue Herrera – Elementary Princpal, Hickman Mills C-1

This session will lead participants through specific steps that need to be taken in order to ensure they have a guaranteed and viable Curriculum aligned to the new DESE Recommended Priority Standards K-12. In addition, strategies and tools to accelerate and scaffold student learning through effective use of PLCs will be presented.

Do You Want Harmony in Your World?
Don Ortman – Iowa National Distinguished Elementary Principal and Ambassador, Harmony SEL
Harmony wants you! We provide the CASEL Select Social Emotional Learning resources, materials, partnership, and professional development at NO COST. When you join the Harmony team you become a partner with the fastest growing researched based elementary SEL program in the country that will help you develop your students, staff, and families to their optimum potential.

Value of Belonging
Jaime Lyon – Co-founder, I AM NOTICED LLC
Amy Johnson – Co-founder, I AM NOTICED LLC

Can you imagine a school where students, staff and family members feel like they belong? What if creating a sense of belonging and building relationships were a way of being not one more thing to do? In this session we explore strategies that help us be more empathetic and effective. Authentic belonging leads to confident and invested stake holders. I AM Noticed is tier 1 proactive approach to mental wellness, SEL, and belonging. Hope you can join us!

Be Pizza, Not Just Bread
Dr. Cherie Norman – Elementary Principal,  Springfield Public Schools
Vicki Cook – Teacher, Springfield Public Schools
Melissa McConnell – Teacher, Springfield Public Schools
Ashlie Taylor – Teacher, Springfield Public Schools
Julie Bartlotti – Teacher, Springfield Public Schools

Increase attendance, increase achievement, increase happiness at your school for students, staff and even parents. It's all about rapport on steroids, a bigger sense of community and engagement beyond typical engagement. No one is off the hook, teach to the highest! Come watch teachers in action who have trained in Atlanta, Georgia under the guidance of Ron Clark and his amazing staff. It's an experience you won't want to miss!

Monitoring with a Purpose
Samantha Dane – Elementary Principal, Grandview C-4
Bridget Williams – Assistant Principal, Grandview C-4

During the Independent Practice of any lesson, two things should be happening simultaneously. First, students should be completing a given task with clear expectations and criteria for success. Second, at the same time, the teacher should actively monitor learning, collect evidence of learning, and respond to the student data. The actions of the teacher during this time can seem overwhelming! This is why intentional planning for this part of the lesson is so essential. During this session you will gain key strategies in active monitoring, collecting data, and ways to present this to staff, along with effective implementation strategies.

Join Us to Learn and Develop Powerful Coaching Strategies! Walk Away with Simple Methods Leaders Can Use to Provide Effective Feedback!
Dr. Ted Huff – Leadership Development Specialist, Education Plus/St. Louis RPDC
Dr. Beverly Boyd – Leadership Development Specialist, Education Plus/St. Louis RPDC
Laura Marquis – Leadership Development Specialist, Southeast RPDC
Dr. John Schuler – Leadership Development Specialist, Central RPDC

Join us to learn ways to help your teachers grow by providing 30 second feedback and craft conversations in this highly engaging session.  You will experience and practice feedback conversations so that you can walk away ready to implement back at your school! This is a coaching lab setting where leaders can practice their skills!

Kinesthetic Strategies to Accelerate Learning and Boost Student Wellness
Tanya Vest – Educational Consultant, Math and Movement
Suzy Koontz – Educational Consultant, Math and Movement

At the social-emotional level, movement helps students build self-confidence, relationship skills, and accelerate learning. Physical activity has also been linked to increased achievement scores with research showing if students hear it, see it, and do it, there is greater chance of retention thus lessening the gaps in learning. I will discuss how movement-based learning supports academic achievement and students’ overall wellness. Hands on activities will be provided during the session to get participants up and moving.

Leading with Literacy
Bryan Campbell – Elementary Principal, Lebanon R-III
Stacy Armstrong – Assistant Principal, Lebanon R-III

Join us as we share how we lead with literacy throughout our day to create and nurture the love of reading each and every day, all year long. We'll share our school wide activities that promote literacy with students, staff and parents. We'll cover everything from book podcasts, book talks, birthday books for students and teachers, we’ll share our newest favorites and tips on how to fund books. We look forward to learning from you about your new favorite books.

Monday 9:30 - 10:45

Help, My Teachers are Drowning!
Dr. Herman Blau – Elementary Principal, Salem R-80
Schools across Missouri are working diligently to get "it" all done. New Standards, Curriculum, Assessments, Interventions; sometimes it seems to be too much! Come to this workshop to discover a new paradigm for this important work that will help it all make sense. Leave with strategies for prioritization, organization and instructional improvement that will provide the rescue your teachers need. A powerful discussion for all administrators!

Google Goodies Galore for Leaders
Brenda Spurgeon, MS Ed. ED S – Consultant, Spurgeon Consulting
The power of the Google Workspace continues to evolve in today’s rapidly changing education world. Join this fast-paced session to discover the best and latest tips for Drive, GMail, Meet, Slides, and Docs. The goodies showcased in this session can be utilized by all leaders and educators.

The Administrator’s Toolkit
Dr. Lance McClard – Elementary Principal, Jackson R-II
Melanie Rucker – Elementary Principal, Chillicothe R-II

In order to provide a clear path towards continuous improvement through one team and one mission, the organizational leader must have a plethora of tools at his/her disposal. In this session, participants will learn tools/strategies for team building, professional development, and effective communication. The tools/strategies will enable the school leader to positively influence every level of the organization while building knowledge, information, structures, and teams that ultimately lead to student and building level success.

Passionate about Place-Based Learning
Amanda Ruyle – Elementary Principal, Columbia Public Schools
Curious about place-based learning? Interested in creating new initiatives for your elementary school? Want to know more about teaching elementary standards through an Ag Ed lens? This session will cover how to be a leader inside and OUTSIDE of your school. Hear from a principal who started a placed-based Agriculture elementary and how this experience has energized students, staff, and the community about school and learning! You’ll leave with ideas to implement in your own buildings to excite all stakeholders about authentic learning experiences!

Self-Care: It's What All the Cool Principals are Doing!
Dr. Shawn Riley – Elementary Principal, Rockwood R-VI
We all know the importance of Self-Care. We preach it to our teachers and students. Still, how often do we ever find ways to take care of ourselves? How can we help support our fellow administrators? At times, it may feel like we have no one and put up walls that all is smooth at our buildings.

Why? Why don’t we have opportunities to share frustrations, empathize, and build off of one another? Is it our pride? Why should I hide my opportunities for growth in an effort to not be judged by my colleagues? Do we honestly think that our colleagues don’t have the same struggles we do?

That pride and that skepticism ends within the walls of this presentation. We will discuss administrative stress, burnout, and ways to combat these devastating side effects of our positions. We will explore ways to reinvigorate and support one another through a challenging time in a challenging profession.

Welcome to a place where you can be yourself, share about your stressors, and build each other up personally and professionally. Together, we will strengthen our links as we navigate this noble profession.

Women in Education: Connecting, Celebrating and Championing Each Other to be our Greatest Self
Johna-Kaye Sutton – Elementary Principal, Platte County R-III
Ramona Dunn – Middle School Principal, North Kansas City 74

Connecting in our passions. Celebrating the greatness within each of us. Championing each other with a win-win mindset.

Advocating for each other’s greatness, through exploration of friendship, self-care, genderism, we>me, win-win mindset and sponsorship.

The greatness that lies within each of us lies within all of us!

Move the Line! No Obstacle or Global Pandemic Can Stop Our Impact!
Patrick Wallace – Elementary Principal, Wright City R-II
Doug Smith – Assistant Superintendent, Wright City R-II

In this session, attendees will learn how to replicate the success one elementary school had on increasing student achievement on state assessments by:

- Empowering teachers to cause learning.
- Establishing collaborative Impact Teams designed to create, monitor, and act on relevant student data.
- Building educator capacity to create aligned and rigorous common assessments.
- Frequently using standards-aligned assessment data to drive intentional instruction and intervention.
- Focusing professional development on designing meaningful tasks.
- Embedding progress monitoring systems that were predictive of student growth (our results were no surprise!).

These initiatives led to the following increases in student achievement at our school:
- 27.3% increase against the state average in % Proficient or Advanced in 3rd Grade Math
- 35.2% increase against the state average in % Proficient or Advanced in 4th Grade Math
- 12.8% increase against the state average in % Proficient or Advanced in 5th Grade Math

Are You Feeling the Stress of It All?  There Is More to Leadership than Chocolate! Join Us and Let Us Help Lighten Your Load!
Annette Cozort – Leadership Development Specialist, Southwest RPDC
Toni Bass – Leadership Development Specialist, Southwest RPDC
Dr. Becky Gallagher – Leadership Development Specialist, Kansas City RPDC
Tiffany Otto – Leadership Development Specialist, Northwest RPDC

This session will provide you with tips and strategies for coping during stressful times for you and your staff. We will examine self-care and personal/professional sustainability as a leader.   Join us for a look at what can be taken off your plate!

Restorative Practices: The Power of Prevention and Intervention
Jessica Bendure, MS, LPC,EdS – System Director School Based Services, Burrell Behavioral Health
Amy Hill
, MS,LCSW – Vice President School Based Services, Burrell Behavioral Health
Restorative practices help schools deal with disciplinary issues by developing a process to help students repair relationship ruptures when conflict occurs. Research shows that when schools focus on improving school climate through restorative practices, students engage in the curriculum, achieve academically, and develop positive relationships. In addition, when using restorative practices, students are less likely to exhibit problem behaviors, increasing teacher satisfaction and reducing teacher turnover. This session will walk through the basics of how to implement restorative practices in schools.

Legal Hot Topics for Elementary Leaders
Emily Omohundro – Attorney, EdCounsel, LLC
This program will discuss some of the most relevant legal topics that elementary leaders are dealing with today and will provide practical guidance on how best to navigate these issues.

Monday 2:30 - 3:45

2 Paths to a Safer School
Randy Dougherty – Superintendent, Skyline Schools & Founder, LockNow Safety App
Beccie Dougherty – Representative, LockNow Safety App
The LockNow safety phone app, designed by school administrators, specializes in lockdowns using an "amber alert" style alarm.  This alert notifies all staff & authorities of a THREAT AND THE LOCATION OF THE THREAT in seconds.   Activated by any employee, it provides awareness that allows staff to make informed decisions on the welfare of their kids.   The live feed following the alert allows staff to share movement of the intruder, announce missing students, request medical help, etc.  Assure your kids can be locked down immediately with the LockNow App.  It also assists with lockdown drills, tornado, fire etc.  The app is simple and cost effective.  It will be the most important layer of security in your building.

Considering a School Protection Officer in your school?   What are the requirements?     What does the training entail and where is it available?  How do you maintain certification?  Insurance cost?  I will answer these questions and more leaning on my experience as an SPO since the program’s inception and 19 years of administrative experience.  I am currently the Superintendent at Hickory County R-I Skyline and we have 4 SPOs in our district.  I will share our experience and how our county schools save money with required annual training.

Back to the Basics: Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative Culture
Jill Dennison Elementary Principal, Springfield Public Schools
Leaders must create environments for their teachers and students to thrive. During this workshop, participants will receive practical strategies which join the concepts of social/emotional education and proven practices of highly effective schools with the foundation rooted in educational technique with effect sizes verified to accelerate student learning. Participants will walk away with strategies to create spaces for schools to improve the lives of their students and teachers.

Discovering Your Leadership Identity
Dr. Garrett Prevo – Principal, Mount Vernon R-V
Melissa Hurt – Assistant Principal, Bolivar Schools

Unearthing who you are as a leader, the core values that drive you, is essential to your personal fulfillment and your school's success. In this session we will explore a process you can replicate to gain more clarity around who you are as a leader and ways you can align your leadership habits to this identity. A personal testimony, from multiple perspectives, will serve as the background while we allow time for personal reflection and dialogue with colleagues in order to discover the values with which you connect at the deepest level.

Small School Duos: Leading with the End in Mind
Patricia Gray – Elementary Principal, Notre Dame de Sion Grade School
Ryan McFarland – Assistant Principal, Notre Dame de Sion Grade School

Small schools are often understaffed administratively. With COVID, student social-emotional traumas, high-touch parents, teacher burnout, and administrator fatigue, how do you get it all done? By targeting specific goals to juggle and clear the terrain of ever-mounting avalanches of "balls in the air" without feeling snowed under!

Share Your School's Story through Podcasts
Jonathon Lee – Education Consultant, EducationPlus
John Schuler - Leadership Development Specialist, Central RPDC
Betsy Ridenhour – Leadership Development Specialist, Central RPDC

If you don't tell your school's story, then someone else will! Using podcasts to share the amazing things happening in your building is an easy & effective way to reach your community! Come learn just how easy it is to be a podcaster and put the stories of your staff and students in your community's' ears!

Breaking Bad...  Behavior and Academics are Partners
Stacy Fick – Elementary Principal, Jefferson City Publica Schools
Amber Craghead – Instructional Coach, Jefferson City Public Schools
Alyssa Angell – Behavior Interventionist, Jefferson City Public Schools

Learn how to monitor, give feedback and support teachers through a collaborative approach of a Behavior Interventionists, Principal and Instructional Coach. This session is powerful for any school experiencing a few (or more) behaviors in their classrooms! No behaviors? Then this session isn't for you!

Learn to Identify and Reduce Negative Behaviors Caused by Sensory Dysregulation
Charla Holst – Occupational Therapist, TheraPower
All students can benefit from sensory self-regulation strategies. Many students are experiencing sensory dysregulation due to anxiety, increased screen time, less socialization, less outdoor play and less sensory motor development opportunities. Help your students learn how to focus their minds and better control their bodies for optimal learning. By recognizing sensory dysregulation and your student’s sensory needs, you can reduce negative behaviors and increase focus. Many negative behaviors can have an underlying sensory dysregulation component. Do you know how to recognize a sensory shut-down or a sensory melt-down, which are easily confused as avoidance or tantrums, but are actually neurological responses to over-stimulation? Find out how to create calming and alerting spaces to encourage optimal learning. Discover simple, inexpensive sensory regulation strategies to use in the classroom, lunch room, hallways, assemblies, special class times and recess. Learn what sensory tools are effective, as well as how and when to use them. Find out how to implement budget-friendly sensory strategies and sensory regulation tools into every area of your school.

Legal Jeopardy! The Elementary Version!
Ryan Fry – Attorney, Guin Mundorf LLC
Please come and join in on a fun game of legal jeopardy. We will plan on covering a variety of legal topics and answering your burning questions about legal issues that impact your job as a school principal!

Establishing a Tiered System of Supports
Dr. Lance McClard – Elementary Principal, Jackson R-II
As educators, we meet students where they are to get them to mastery of our content. Students don’t always learn at the same rate or in the same manner. In order to have every student meet the bar of expectations, we must work collaboratively to provide school-wide interventions. In this session, participants will discover the underlying principles within a Professional Learning Community that lead to structures and strategies that move a student forward through the Response to Intervention process.

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