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Concurrent Sessions

8:30 - 10:30

MLDS Special Statewide Session: We Go Together!   MLDS and Instructional Leadership
Teaching and learning rarely happen in isolation.   It’s a complex intersection of multiple teacher decisions.   Savvy school leaders know and understand this dynamic.  Delve into this while discovering how the Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS) supports school leaders as they grow their leadership and instructional knowledge. Session participants will recognize and reflect on the interdependence of complementary instructional elements.  This session highlights learning experiences in the Developing Level of the Missouri Leadership Development System.

Unlike traditional presentations where content is pre-determined, EdCamp participants create the topics for focus during the session, with one individual facilitating the discussion. The format works beautifully to create a session focused on your interests and needs. Participants choose 2 or 3 focus areas to discuss best practices, resources, networking, etc. EdCamps are a great way to get energized around topics of interest and result in a session focused on the needs and interests of those who attend. Come and experience the newest wave of professional learning and discuss critical topics and issues you deal with everyday as a school leader.

10:45 - 11:45

Start Early!  Improvement Planning for College and Career Readiness
Attend this session and learn about how to use data to determine if students are "on track" for college and career readiness.  Also a part of the session are instructional strategies specific to reading and math improvement.  Intervention is key for improvement, and a collection of free resources for grades K-12 will be shared!

Schools with Empathy:  Educating the Hearts of Children in Trauma
Hurt people hurt people.  This simple statement rings true with some of the students in our schools.  Trauma impacts children in a variety of ways, including their behavior, which can be significant at times.  Adult responses can change the way students respond in crisis situations. This session will look at student and adult behaviors, with strategies to implement in working with our school's most fragile students.

Lead Like A Pirate!
Learn dynamic strategies to inspire staff, dramatically transform school culture, and build schools where students and staff are running to get in rather than out. This uplifting and motivational session will demonstrate how to take the revolutionary ideas from Teach Like a PIRATE and supercharge them for educational leaders. You will walk away from this enthusiastic session with practical ideas that can be implemented immediately to help you Lead... Like a PIRATE!

Suspensionless Schools
Ready to get rid of the chronic suspensions that interrupt learning? In Suspensionless Schools, we break down common myths about the functions of suspensions and work to find replacement strategies in a workshop session. We take a look at rights vs. privileges in education to find hidden incentives that can use to motivate behaviors instead of bribing and bargaining with students.

Raise Student Achievement in a Day
As educators, we are aware of the increasing pressure being placed on administrators to raise student achievement.  We will share our experiences of establishing “community” with our students and how they consistently score above 400 on the ELA and Math MAP index which is well over 50 points above the state average.  This is despite the fact that 47% of students in our school receive free and reduced meals.  This session will give an overview of proven methods we employ to ensure student engagement and increase rigor thereby raising individual student achievement.  We experienced success with all our students including English language learners, special education, and gifted/ talented.  Attendees will take away specific information on classroom management techniques (for the purpose of increasing engagement) and critical thinking strategies (which will raise rigor and achievement) that can be easily implemented in any classroom.  Some topics include:  alternatives to worksheets, silent signals, and question design.  Come to think of it, you can raise student achievement in LESS than a day!

We're All in This Together
So much to do and not enough time. Do you ever feel this way? With the rising expectations of the building leader, we need help! Learn from one school leader about her intentional journey to cultivating a true shared leadership approach. Every member of the school team must understand how their strengths can contribute to the success of the team and then be given the opportunity. It works and it is the help you need to focus on what is important...  KIDS and TEACHERS! 

RTI  - A Model That Not Only Transforms Learning, But Staff Collaboration, Too!
In this presentation you will learn about an RTI model that can transform teaching and learning in your school.  This model focuses on short, 2 week intervention cycles that create success for your students on individual skills.  Most importantly, this structure cultivates collaborations for your teachers with a focus on instruction, data analysis, and using data to drive instruction.  The presenter, building Principal Ron Farrow, has used this model successfully at 2 different school districts, with a 90+% success rate for all SMART goals set through this process.  Come learn how you can begin using this model at your school today!

Understanding the Brain to Improve Learning
Does it seem your students just don't remember what they were taught? Let's address THIS issue! Train your staff and students on brain research and then tie it all together with UbD, RtI, AFL and PLC's.  Learn how two administrators in neighboring districts have collaborated to set up a working intervention program in their buildings. Staff training, pacing of implementation, schedules, assessments, data collection charts and much more will be shared during this Brain Empowering presentation!

Got Language?  Speaking Skills Needed for Life
Come spin a communication web with us!  Learn how to teach your students communication skills through the use of innovative discussion strategies that will increase your students' language and communication skills.  Teach your students how to agree, respectfully disagree, and listen.  These strategies can be used in your classroom tomorrow!

So Many Needs; Leaders Must Read!
Amazing school leaders have adopted habits and practices to respond to a myriad of demands. One such habit is incredibly simple: Reading.  Reading is one of the most powerful sources of growth, inspiration and new ideas. In this session, principals will gather in a roundtable discussion on the latest professional books that have helped them grow as a leader.  Participants will give a brief book talk on a book of their choice that has helped define their role as an administrator. Requirements to attend this session: 1) you must be an active participant and 2) you must have a book to share that has helped you grow as a leader or stretched your thinking. The facilitator will start the session with two book talks, The Pepper Effect by Sean Gailard and Culturize by Jimmy Casas. As an added bonus, participants are encouraged to share how they inspire staff members to stay current on effective practices through the practice of reading.

Let's Get Organized
Learn some simple strategies from Frank Buck's book, Get Organized, Time Management for School Leaders,  that will allow you to be accomplish more and save you time. After hearing Frank Buck present and implementing simple strategies I am now able to do more, show gratitude, and feel sane. Learn these easy strategies to get yourself organized, accomplish the numerous tasks that come our way, and feel in control.

12:45 - 1:45

Transform Conflict into Teaching Time and Boost Your School Climate
“I don’t have time to teach because of all the disruptive behaviors!”  Is this a common complaint you hear from staff? While most teachers are very prepared to teach academics, many are not prepared for the social-emotional needs of students. Conflict is often viewed as an interruption to teaching and may result in referrals, which take children out of the classroom and away from instructional time.  What if teachers viewed conflict as an opportunity to teach missing executive skills and build relationships?  This transformational change starts with the adults.  If administrators lead the change, others will be inspired to follow.  The more adults’ self-regulatory skills develop, the better equipped we become to help others improve their self-regulatory skills.  "If a child misspelled several words on a spelling test, we would not change their card from green to red, nor deny them five minutes of recess. We would teach.” (Dr. Becky Bailey) Join this interactive session to learn the three adult mindset shifts required to help transform your school climate and better equip your teachers to respond effectively to conflict within their classrooms.

It’s Game Time!
Conversations are critical!  Do you need a fun, risk free strategy to promote deep discussions with staff?  Discover how to use the card game Fluxx to open up staff conversations about issues related to your school.   In this session, you will not only learn about and experience a Fluxx session, you will also leave with a list of games, books, and videos that prompt collegial conversations.

Whatever It Takes - Ensuring The Success Of All Students
Trauma, behaviors and other barriers prevent students from achieving to their highest ability. This training will provide interventions, tools, and research-based strategies that will help all students to be safe, happy, and successful in school and life.

Supporting Teachers In Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions
Productive mathematical discussions lead to students who can think, reason and engage effectively in quantitative problem solving, characteristics which are much needed but may not routinely emerge from our classrooms.  Creating a classroom where mathematical discourse is the focal point of student learning can be both challenging and rewarding. This presentation will give building leaders an understanding of how to support teachers using the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions.

Student Leadership Clubs
The purpose of the session is to provide a backdrop of how student leadership clubs were created in order for others to take our process to design their own. We believe that student choice and authentic experiences are valuable components of learning. Participants will learn how we initiated this process. Additionally, attendees will learn about the various clubs and how they are conducted. Participants will be able to design clubs of interest while integrating technology, standards, and student voice.

Are YOU Running Discipline or is DISCIPLINE Running You?
As a teacher, you were able to help a whole classroom of students manage their behaviors.  Why don't all of your teachers have the same capacity and agency?  "He just won't listen to me."  "It's like she doesn't care."  "I don't want him back for the rest of the day."  This session will help you empower your teachers to increase student engagement and reduce discipline referrals.  Methods to increase student motivation will be discussed.  Practical phrases and tools will be shared to help teachers manage challenging students.  We can't disconnect ourselves from school discipline.  But, we can empower teachers to support students so the "disciplinary intercom buzz" is much less frequent.

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About a 4-Day School Week
Stockton R-1 School District is embarking on their 4th year implementing a 4-Day School Week.  We will be providing data on attendance, MAP/EOC scores, finance, overall struggles and successes.  Sample classroom schedules will be provided as well as support staff hours.  We will provide a panel including the Superintendent, building admin, staff, and a school board member to answer questions.  We will also discuss how we handle our professional development, extra-curricular activities, student engagement, parent communication and more.

Movie Magic
Create movie magic in a matter of minutes!  We will dive into some fun and useful apps and programs that you can use to make short movies that will enhance your teaching and your student's learning.   By the end of this session, you will be able to create your own movie magic!

Promoting Literacy in Your Elementary
Attendees will learn strategies and ideas on how to put literacy at the forefront of an elementary building.  Not only will ideas be practical, but also easy to implement as soon as you leave the session.  Strategies will be discussed to make a difference at the school level as well as with small groups of students.  The presenter will give first hand examples of literacy awareness at Crestwood Elementary.

Coaching Teachers Out of Comfort Zones and Into Growth Zones
Do you work with teachers who are clinging to safe, traditional instructional methods (things some may consider "old school")? Are you looking for ways to inspire them to stretch outside of that comfort zone? If so, come learn some tips and strategies to coach those teachers into a zone of growth.

Changing the Culture of an Urban (or any Struggling) School
Find out how one principal went through transforming the culture of two schools--one elementary and one middle school. Learn how to implement impactful culture and climate change, focused on relationships, expectations and prioritized professional development opportunities.  This session will provide participants with a system that is easy to re-create and personalize to any school.

8:00 - 9:00

BalancED Learning - A Yoga-Based Social Emotional Program for Schools
Would you like your teachers and students to be more successful?  Addressing social-emotional development through yoga and mindfulness can help accomplish that goal.  Join BalancED Learning for an interactive session that explains how the five components of their program work together to bring "balance" into the classroom.  Discover how implementing yoga and mindfulness on a regular basis decreases behavioral interventions and increases productivity creating a community of resilient students and empowered teachers.  Help your school achieve success one breath at a time.  (NO yoga pants required!)

Keeping Your SHINE On!
Just like a new car pulling out of the showroom, we start our career in administration spotless and "shiny".  In this workshop you will gain tools and strategies for keeping that new car SHINE.  Topics covered will include:
S - Serving others throughout the year, 
H - Hearing from stakeholders,
I - Inviting others into our world,
N - Networking, and
E - Experiencing the moment

Challenge or Opportunity? Working With Barriers to Full Implementation of Your School Counseling Program
Do you and your school counselor struggle to fully implement your school counseling program?  Are you stuck on what's part of the school counselor's job and what needs to be done for the building?  This workshop will show you ways to compromise and be creative so the program can build and the building responsibilities can be fairly distributed.  It's a win-win!

#PromoteGreatness: Using Social Media to Tell Your Schools Story
There are awesome things happening in your school every day. It's our duty as lead learners to get the awesomeness to the masses. Show your community stakeholders what your school is all about! We’ll look at ways to get your teachers on board. Working within your district's privacy policy will be looked at as well. Get tips on how to get started and grow engagement in your school through different social media avenues. If you need to rethink how your school is using social media then this session is for you!

Developing the Whole Child: A Unique Approach to Social and Emotional Learning
Character Education, Trauma-Informed Schools, Restorative Practices, PBIS, Conscious Discipline, and more... How do you choose what is best for students? Which approach helps students cope with hard circumstances and improve self-regulation skills? How do we teach our students' social-emotional skills that ensure a positive impact on society? We will answer these questions and more in this session by discussing the approach we have taken to building a social-emotional support system for our students, staff, and community. Join us in this session to learn how to think outside the box to ensure all students find success.

Writing to Read.  How One Adjustment to Small Group Instruction Made a Big Impact on Aurora's Youngest Readers.
Join us to learn about the changes we made to our small group instruction that helped our early readers reach record-high reading achievement.  We will share each step of our process to implement this highly researched instructional strategy targeting our youngest students.  You will walk away with the tools and resources for immediate implementation.

The Positive Effects of Evidence Based Reading Instruction- A Missouri research project involving 5 school districts.
This session will support administrators by:
• defining Evidence Based Reading instruction for development of foundational reading skills
  • describing  knowledge and skills needed by teachers to teach foundational reading skills
 • presenting research involving 5 Missouri school districts that shows the positive impact of evidence based reading instruction on more than 200 K-2nd graders who scored below the 30th percentile on standardized screening tools used by school districts to indicate dyslexic tendencies in young readers.

Building Culture through Staff Expectations
Every great classroom has clear expectations for the students. If you want your building to be great, you need to have clear expectations for staff. We will share how our 7 Staff Behaviors were created and how they affect our building culture. We will discuss our weekly collaboration, how to use SMORE to provide teachers with encouragement and resources, our student Motor Lab to help with brain breaks, and our book study on classroom management.  A positive culture will enhance all aspects of your building!

Culture Matters:  Building the Three Rs - Relationships, Retreat, Repeat
Are you always searching for ways to kick start you school year in a way that will ignite passion and enthusiasm?  Are you looking for a session with lots of ideas to build a positive culture and climate in your school?  In this session we will share our journey that led us to create amazing staff retreats based on a school wide theme for the year.  Participants will walk away with ideas that will rejuvenate the school culture and bring your mission to life.

Leaders Unite!
Regardless of the color of our tiger, we are committed to growing leaders in our districts. Throughout our separate journeys in Leader in Me, we have found ourselves joining together to grow greatness in our students. Come join our session to hear how two elementary leaders from two different districts have found the power in seeing the potential in each student that walks through our doors each day!

Student Loan Solutions and School Partnerships
Do you find yourself or your educators struggling to make student loan payments? We know that on average an educator enters the classroom with $37,000 in debt. Frequently, this challenge in finance drives new teachers to question the profession as they struggle to make student loan payments on a new teacher’s salary. This also makes school districts face a daunting challenge to retain quality teachers and build a strong veteran staff. Attend this session where Horace Mann has developed a presentation that outlines student loan forgiveness programs for qualifying educational employees regardless if you are year one or year 20. Over the past two years, Horace Mann agents have helped MO public school employees save over 8 million in student loans! Administration, teachers and support staff may benefit from these different loan forgiveness programs.

9:15 - 10:15

Never Too Early:  College and Career Foundations for Elementary and Middle Schools
There is now considerable evidence supporting efforts to equip elementary and middle school students with college and career readiness skills, habits, and knowledge.  In this session we will discuss the most impactful approaches leaders can take to meet student needs and how to measure the impact of those approaches.

Middle School World Cafe
We are Middle School!  Many MAESP members are middle school principals.  It is evident to some simply because of the grade level structure of their buildings.  Other principals, though they identify first as an elementary principal, are also middle school principals because they have middle school students within their elementary school structure.  The focus of this world cafe will be to provide all principals the opportunity to reflect, share, and network with others as we explore the various needs of middle school students.

The Administrator as Coach
Are you getting the most out of your employees?  Are they responding to your feedback and direction?  In this session, you will discover your default leadership style while exploring which types of employees respond best to each leadership style.  Leave with a plan for how best to interact with subsets of your employees.

Champions… The Missing Ingredient in Fostering a Positive and Safe School Environment
What are most important aspects when it comes to measuring school safety?

Are we missing the most key ingredient in combating school violence and fostering a positive school environment?

Tragedies within schools keep making the headlines.  The social and emotional needs of our students must be addressed to allow all students the opportunity to thrive in school and in the world.  This growing need forced us as a district to re-examine how we can collectively support every student.

Rita Pierson said it best, “Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.”

Join the conversation as we engage in the meaningful work to promote a climate where all students feel like they belong.

Unleash Your Leadership: Utilizing the Leadership Principles of John Maxwell
Please join Dr. Kyle Palmer, certified speaker, trainer and coach for the John Maxwell Team, and learn how to "unleash" your leadership self to make more of a positive impact on every one around you. This session is not about teaching strategies, assessment strategies, or behavior systems. This session is all about how to grow yourself as a leader and learn how to greater influence your school and district. You will also learn how the Center School District works to implement these leadership strategies with their district administration. Dr. Kyle Palmer also serves as the Executive Director of Human Resources in the Center School District.

Tech Tips for Leaders
In an interactive session (please bring your device), participants will exchange ideas to become better leaders. Participants will work in teams to exchange ideas for various topics such communication, collaboration, developing/interacting with a professional network, curation of ideas, increasing productivity, and delivering professional development.  We will use Jon Corripo and Marlena Hebern's Edu Protocol, Iron Chef.

Combat Compassion Fatigue
Those of us in a 'giving' profession sometimes give until we have nothing left. That is what happened to Monett Intermediate last year. By Spring, every person in the building was spent. Through a summer of reflection and training, I was determined to hit that low point again. Through some trauma-informed care training and some reading, I began the year by focusing on adults. I will share what we have done and what we continue to do and how that has trickled down to our students.

Dyslexia Screeners and Intervention
Dyslexia is the dirty word in schools today. We will talk about the different steps our school district has taken to provide screeners and interventions to students, as well as, the communication piece to parents. The types of lessons that are taught during pull-out interventions can be found here! Also, there will be time for open discussion to find out what other schools are doing.

The Principal as an ELL Leader
Do you know your English Learners or effective structures and processes to help them succeed? Do you know how to best utilize the strengths and knowledge of your EL specialist or what to do if you do not have one? Nearly all principals will have at least one EL, and likely many more, in their career. This session will highlight the role of the principal in facilitating an effective learning environment for ELs, aligning the goals of the general education and ELD programs and how instruction and assessment practices that are good for ELs benefits your entire student body.

Shaping School Culture
Positive school culture fosters trust, collaboration and improvement.    How can you help your building move forward to ensure student success?  Do you need to readjust or completely restructure?  What does it take to reform your building?  Come and learn ways to implement the change to help your building.

Lead From Where You Are
“I’m just...  It’s a phrase we hear all the time. I’m just a teacher, I’m just an assistant principal, I’m just a tech director, I’m just a custodian….  the list goes on and on and is always followed by reasons something CAN’T happen. Leadership is not a title, it’s an action...  and it starts from within. Identifying leadership traits in yourself changes your mindset when thinking about leading those around you. Part of our responsibilities as leaders is to identify leadership traits in others. We need to be better talent scouts in our schools. The opportunities are endless for those who choose to lead.  It’s our job to find those traits, focus our efforts on growth opportunities, and foster an environment where everyone has a chance to lead.

1:45 - 2:45

Supercharging Instruction and Intervention with Data Visualization
Schools are drowning in information and need tools to help focus on critical areas. Changing student outcomes requires a collaborative approach where questions involving data and student performance can be answered without waiting weeks for someone to pull information. Data needs to be clear, accessible, and actionable. Participants will be given a framework for analyzing their data, setting goals, creating data and problem-solving team structures, and intervening with students. We will also explore how leaders are using their data to implement student level interventions, monitor progress, and evaluate the effectiveness.

All educators want all students to succeed, but we often lack the tools in some part of the process. We don't know how to look at our data and set goals, can't identify all the struggling students in the school, or don't know what or how to put interventions in place once we know who the struggling students are. This session will address all of these critical areas while giving participants the opportunity to practice the skills. Using a set of data that is readily available in most schools, participants will visualize and analyze their data, create building goals and action steps, and place students in targeted intervention groups.

Genius Hour 2.0 - Creating a Genius Mindset
This session looks to elevate Genius Hour beyond "something you do", to "something you are".  We will explore the concepts behind Genius Hour, how you can successfully implement it into your classroom or building, and how you can take Genius Hour to the next level.

Decreasing Problematic Behaviors with an Early Intensive Behavior Intervention Model
Want to learn about and explore our longitudinal journey of behavior identification and incident reduction based on a systematic whole-team approach?  our presentation will cover systematic interventions, staff education, and unique insight from our Board Certified Behavioral Analyst.  Come learn about our journey and take back strategies to impact your school!

New Missouri Arts Learning Standards, Arts Integration and STEAM
This presentation will focus on how the new proposed Missouri Arts Standards can be used to align arts integration/STEAM instruction with all K-8 core content areas. Participants will learn how the four artistic processes, anchor standards, enduring understandings and essential questions form the structure of the new proposed arts standards, and how they align with standards in math, science, ELA and social studies. In addition, participants will receive guided practice on how recently developed arts and core content standards crosswalks and item specifications can be used by K-8 teachers to create collaborative, powerful, and engaging instruction across all content areas.

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First: An Educator's Guide to Secondary Trauma
It can be difficult for educators, who are so often over-tasked and under-resourced, to prioritize self-care. But doing so is incredibly important and beneficial, both for educators and their students, especially when it comes to supporting students affected by trauma.

“Dyslexia, What’s New in ‘19?”
How can your school support students across the spectrum of reading development? This session will bring attendees up-to-date on dyslexia happenings at the state and local levels.  Walk away knowing what quality implementation looks like and become armed with some specific and notable district examples you may be able to implement back home!

Breaking Title - Year One!
Title One schools face many challenges.  Learn how our new administrative team is approaching and tackling the multitude of issues in our new journey leading a Title One school.  We will take you from visualizing a coherent plan in the summer through our first data summit and encompass all of the other fun we've experienced so far!  We have utilized some of Beth Houf's Lead Like a PIRATE strategies for building culture and continue to explore some awesome instructional resources on our quest to "Break out of Title"!

Confessions of a School Administrator (Who Sometimes Wants to be a Goat Farmer...  and I'm not Kidding!)
What does a school administrator and a fainting goat farmer have in common? Sure, they both involve working with kids, but there's more and you might be surprised! Using this unusual comparison, the session is geared toward administrators just entering into their new role or for those who plan to go into administration.  Discussion will primarily focus on building your school's culture and finding balance for yourself.

It's Not Harry Potter...  It's Better!
Find out how George Washington Carver Elementary School transformed its culture by incorporating the House System into everything we do. One trip to the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, put our school team on the path to a whole new vision for our building.  We will share with you how to unveil the idea to your staff and students, how to include the community, and how to increase student engagement with classroom and building transformations. Missouri Learning Standards were brought to life through our transformations such as Pirates of the ‘Carverbean,’ The WILDcat West, and Carver’s Candyland. A  greater sense of belonging has been established on a level that our school had never experienced. As a result, we are now Four Houses, but One Family.

Moments that Matter
Through the peaks and the pits of the school year, capture the moments that matter most.  Create a compelling school culture for your students, staff and community.  From etiquette training for students to milestone celebrations to the daily ways to celebrate your school's community in between, examples on our journey to becoming a Leader in Me Lighthouse School and National Blue Ribbon School will be shared.

Section 504 For the Building Principal: What You Need to Know
This fast paced presentation will review the fundamentals of Section 504 and also look at Section 504 current trends and hot-topics such as discipline, student absences, homebound and more.  Geared toward building administrators, this presentation will address how to ensure Section 504 compliance at your school.

3:00 - 4:00

Saudi Arabia has Teachers Too...
Wilder Elementary School in Springfield MO, had the good fortune of having 4 Saudi Arabian teachers observe during a 9 week period sponsored by the Khebrat Teacher Observation Program. Join us and take a look into the American Educational system through the eyes of Saudi Arabian teachers.

Having Difficult Conversations
At some time or another, every administrator will have a difficult conversation with a staff member, parent, or colleague.  Learn from early education principals Amy Cox and Amanda Spight, with the Independence School District, how to effectively plan for and execute these conversations, while incorporating attentive listening, positive intent,and mindfulness.  This highly interactive learning session will leave you feeling more confident and well prepared for the most delicate situations, and will offer tips and suggestions for how to effectively communicate expectations with candor and grace.

What is Really Wrong?
New laws have required screenings that are identifying an increasing number of students as at-risk.  Meeting the individual needs of so many students can be difficult.  Not enough time to get them all into intervention?  Tried many strategies and still getting worn out?  This session will provide some insight into the issue of the numbers game and what to do when so many students are being identified as at-risk for dyslexia or other reading disorders.  Join this session as we figure out what is really wrong and where we should begin - if we really want to make a difference.

I AM Noticed and How it Relates to Mental Wellness
The I AM NOTICED program is a philosophy educators can use to help increase positivity in a school culture. We serve students, staff and families by building confidence and resiliency. In our interactive session we will explore how creating a positive culture at a tier one level can provide a proactive foundation for necessary conversations about the topics we face in education including trauma-informed care, bullying, suicide prevention, digital citizenship and mental health. Please join us!

Using MAP Growth Data to Drive Instruction
Are you a NWEA partner wanting a deeper dive on how to utilize our reports?  Don't miss this opportunity on how to utilize some of NWEA's key reports to determine instructional readiness, comparative information, and identify areas of strengths and growth for each individual student.  Don't be shy if you're not a NWEA partner!  We will also discuss solid assessment practices and strategies!

Elementary, my Dear Watson: Student Discipline Investigations
This program will provide practical tips for investigating serious student disciplinary incidents at the elementary level. We will also provide guidance for how to gather and maintain appropriate documentation and ensure compliance with various reporting requirements.

Results-Driven Coaching
With such little time in the school day and a wealth of teachers in need of coaching support, it's important to know and implement the most effective coaching practices to get results. In this workshop you will learn how to use a coaching model that involves practicing an action step and providing the teacher feedback on their practice in the moment to help them be successful with making the change in the classroom. Techniques are taken from the Practice Perfect and Get Better Faster models of observation and feedback.

Got Foundation Formula for Preschool Children?
Let us support you on a journey to provide quality preschool services for the children and families in your district. This presentation will assist you with putting all the pieces together for a successful program. We will look at staffing, classroom environment, teacher/child interactions and more. Learn the research behind quality practice in early childhood. Participants will leave with resources to continue down the path to later school success for young children.

From Stumbling Blocks to Building Blocks
We were a mediocre school that was performing right at state levels, with hostility among teachers in the building.  Since then we have blossomed and flourished together as a team, through the combination of shared leadership, team building, and collective commitments. Join us as we share the struggles we went through to change the climate of the building. Research supports that teachers have the greatest impact on student achievement. In order to build a positive climate, teachers must have trust. Trust in the system, trust in the administrators, and trust in each other.  They must feel valued and appreciated as well.

The presenters will provide specific strategies on how to create a dynamic culture in schools that support both staff and students. We will share the steps it took to build the foundation in order to reach high levels of success for our school and our students. The strategies will be shared that can easily be implemented in any building.

Drop-Out Mindset to Distinguished Principal!
Did you enjoy your elementary school years? Did you have a say in your learning? Flexibility, student voice/choice and culture makes a difference for all students.  Learn how a child that was destined to be successful had the plan to drop out of school based on experiences within the educational setting.  A school principal drives home the importance of reaching each student through their voice.  The focus of this session will be on flexible seating, flexible scheduling, culture and student voice/choice.

How to Build a Positive Culture Among Staff
We will share a variety ideas and team building activities that we have used in our school to promote and build a positive school culture and positive relationships between staff members.

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